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Notable Blog Posts This Week (in the World of Writing)

"It’s one of the most fundamental discussions in all of novel writing – do you plot out your scenes, sketch your characters, and weave your subplots before actually sitting down to write the book? Or do you catch onto an inspiring moment in the story, sit down and see where it leads?"

"Maybe you like origin stories.

The world certainly seems to like them well enough.

But I’m not a fan.

I in fact actively dislike them.

I pee on them. I make an angry face, and I pee on them.

Here’s why:.."

"Some months ago, ALLi worked with Dr Alison Baverstock on her most recent investigations into self-publishing, the findings from which will be published soon. Here she gives us a sneak peek at what the research revealed about indie authors."

"The folks over at IndieReader posted a great feature on the Huffington Post today. The article highlights sites that review indie books and also gives tips to writers looking to break onto the scene. Check out an excerpt below or read the entire story here:"

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