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I'm back, babeeeee!

Welcome to the newest incarnation of my website and blog. I’ve tried to have separate spaces for all sides of Donna — the writer, the health nut, the psychologist, the baseball mom, the horror geek, the wannabe artist — but that’s too much, frankly, and it was spread too thin. I finally decided I didn’t need that much virtual real estate to manage -- it have a tough enough time finding a few moments to manage just one spot. So, here we are. This is, first and foremost, my author’s site. Why? Because I am first and foremost an author. With some of the other things in my life that’s been happening the past few years (teaching, health coaching, baseball mom twelve months out of the year, and PhD candidate), it seems that the writing is the thing that always gets pushed aside, which is dumb since it’s the thing I love the most. None of those things I mentioned are going away, but I have decided to change my priorities.

Now I’m back, hoping to make at least semi-regular blog posts to spread the word about things I enjoy. Along with writing, I may get into other topics like movies, fitness, cooking, holistic medicine, psychology, and pretty much whatever I feel like talking about that particular day. Others may not want to hear it, but this is primarily for myself. So, if you follow me on Facebook, you probably know that I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. And regarding Facebook followers, I get into political shit enough over there, so there will be none of that negativity here on my site. I doubt anyone will be disappointed. However, the posts here will be upbeat, frank and “adult language” will be used when I think it’s warranted. And sometimes, just for shits and giggles. You have been warned. Welcome to anyone who has stumbled here and has decided to stay for a while.

Authors, I will also be happy to review your newest release. My tastes obviously runs toward speculative fiction, but I'm also up for non-fiction that's health-related, writing, and productivity.

I hope you will add your email to my mailing list. That's for giveaways ONLY and not for SPAM! I don't like spam and I don't do spam, so don't fret over sharing your address. Newsletters aren't my thing. I invite you to sign up. I plan on doing giveaways fairly often.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next time!

Coming topics include:

The Caffeine Nap: Does it work or is it just some more internet BS?

Snowfall: Sample and how and where to grab it for free this weekend!

Review of Martha Stewart’s food subscription service, Marleyspoon

Hemp Seed & CBD: Hype or miracle cure?

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